Wednesday, 18 May 2016

To Apsley In The Rain, (and second day of organised appointments).

(Boat Flamingo - posted by Alan)
First lock of the day -  Ravens Lane, Berkhamsted

The blog has had some rough times in the past, but I don't think it has ever before been quite as neglected as this!  It is now over 4 months since this journey was in progress, and a bit late to give any real history, but as I was trying to sort out the photos, I thought I would put some up here.

Leaving Berkhamsted
It's probably not really already reported, but by now "Flamingo's" engine was smoking quite badly, and starting to give concerns about whether carrying on to Rickmansworth was really sensible.  We decided to press on slower than usual, as it was not then as bad, but to keep the situation under review.  At least at "Ricky" a few engineers would be about who might be able to advise.

Winkwell - the rain is now continuous
I recall this day just how some of the photos depict it - unrelenting rain for much of the middle of the day.

Passing "Towcester" and "Bideford". "Flamingo" was once paired with "Bideford"
Both Cath and I had physiotherapy appointments at the hospital in Hemel Hempstead - part of a number of ongoing appointments during the trip, hence theee was no option to lay over for a while and dodge the rain, so we plodded gently on.

Overnight stop in Apsley - the only place we could get close to the edge.
Berkhamsted to Apsley
Miles: 5.3, Locks: 13
Total Trip Miles: 57.0, Locks: 53

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