Monday, 23 May 2016

More Trouble!

(Boat Flamingo - posted by Alan)

Batchworth lock - the first on the return trip.
Well we knew we had to go gently on the return trip because the engine was clearly not in the best possible health - not too much of an issue if it didn't get worse.

Lot Mead Lock
However once we had been travelling some time, David, who was inside trying to use computers, came and asked if there was a problem with the 240 volt power , which seemed to be dropping out.  The power is created from the 12 volt battery bank by a unit called an inverter, and investigation revealed it was indeed shutting down.  Further investigation revealed the cause - the voltage that should have been going into the inverter from the battery bank was far too high, and as a protection it then shuts itself down.

Waiting for two other festival visitors to lock through ahead of us.
Unfortunately the alternator on the engine that charges the atteries was not being regulated correctly, and much too high a voltage was being fed to the batteries.  I was unable to find a reason, but it couldn't be left like this without risking damaging the batteries and on board equipment.  Reluctantly I disabled the charging circuit, meaning we were now running out batteries down, and unable to keep them topped up.  I reasoned howler we should be able to get much nearer to our home, giving us a better chance of diagnosing and fixing the problem.

Towy - You don't see many wooden working boats any more.
We carried on slowly to Apsley with no further issues, trying hard to use as little electrical power as possible.

Rickmansworth to Apsley
Miles: 8.3, Locks: 15
Total Trip Miles: 73.9, Locks:84

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