Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Limping On

(Boat Flamingo - posted by Alan)

Locking up through Boxmoor.
Not content with the issues we already had with the engine, as described in yesterdays post, by this time we are also pressing on wit our batteries not being charged by the alternator.  This is because without the alternator disconnected they are being severely overcharged, something which at best will wreck the batteries, and which at worst can have far more dire consequences like a battery bursting open, and spraying sulphuric acid around the engine room, (and over anybody who is in there).

Raven's Lane lock cottage is surely on of the prettiest.

Passing our friends Paddy and Ruth who had traded at Rickmansworth.
Today's objective was solely to get to Berkhamsted, so we could tie up near to our home for a while, whilst we investigated and corrected the problem.  This we managed with no new issues developing, thank goodness!

Apsley to Berkhamsted
Miles: 5.7, Locks: 15
Total Trip Miles: 79.6, Locks: 99

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