Thursday, 20 April 2017

A "life got in the way" day.

(Boat Flamingo - posted by Alan)

Fortunately by the start of today, we were running with a bit if time in hand before we need to be back at our mooring.  For this was a day when things did not go strictly as we had hoped.

Cath had been fighting an infection which wasn't going to go away without help, and needed a Doctor's prescription.  This was not as difficult as it would have been not that many years ago.  Our home surgery put Cath on a list for a call for a duty GP, and we in turn investigated where best to stop fot a chemist that a prescription could be sent to electronically.  The answer was Nuneaton - not somewhere that is usually a natural stop for us.  In practice all worked as planned, but by the time our surgery had rang Cath, and I had walked to the chemist we were several hours beyond even our most casual usual starting off time.

A bonus was that I discovered quite a good Sainsbury's local really very close to the canal. Previously when we did go in search of a supermarket in Nuneaton it was a very lengthy walk.  I celebrated, (as you do), by buying impromptu raspberries and cream.

Whilst we awaited the doctors call, I investigated a suspected leak in our domestic plumbing.  I didn;t have time to find the actual leak, but instead found the real evidence, and removed several buckets of water from below the floor.  Or at least I hope what I found is leaked domestic water - the other possibility would be a worse result - namely that the amount of things we have grounded on in Birmingham has put a hole in the hull.  Fortunately there is every evidence it is NOT canal water.

Once we could restart our travels, I pressed on as much as I could to try and regain some of the lost time.  We had hoped to end the day near Rugby, but the end result was a couple of hours travel short of that - not enough to be a problem - provided we didn't have a "life got in the way" day tomorrow, we should be able to get back on track.

Sorry - no pictures today - as I said, life got in the way.

Springwood Haven (Coventry Canal) to All Oaks Wood (Oxford Canal)
Miles: 15.6, Locks: 1
Total Trip Miles: 141.2, Locks: 145

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