Sunday, 9 April 2017

Very much shorter day than planned.

(Boat Flamingo - posted by Alan)

Well the plan was to go up the Hatton flight today, (21 closely spaced broad locks), but somehow we didn't!

We started out with good intent, ploughing our way through the approaches to and the main body of Leamington Spa - the channel is remarkably shallow, and I frequently found ourselves dragging the bottom in places where it looked like the bottom of the water should be further down from the top of the water than it was in practice.

Moored in the Saltisford Arm, a short stub off the main Grand Union line
One of our Calor gas cylinders had run out yesterday, and we were keen to replace it, but, being a Sunday both the boatyards in Warwick were shut.  However a quick check revealed that the Saltisford Arm Trust was open, so we took the chance to travel a short arm where many never venture.  It transpired that they have overnight moorings, not charged for on the first night, as well as useful services.  We have been finding things physically quite hard, and both Cath and I are somewhat burnt out.  More particularly our idea that we would do some further ad-hoc painting of the boat was simply not working out.  Cath suggested we called it a very short day, and stayed at this welcoming location over night - the 21 locks at Hatton could wait until tomorrow - so that's what we did.

Cath and I walked into the centre of Warwick for a casual look around, then headed back for some work on the boat.  In practice not a huge amount was done, but a few things have managed to acquire a further layer of paint.

Radford Bottom Lock to Saltisford Arm, Warwick
Miles: 6.0, Locks: 3
Total Trip Miles: 30.4, Locks: 38

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  1. Gosh, funny you should say that about L Spa, as we remarked that it was the first time we'd been through in ages without hitting anything!


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