Sunday, 16 April 2017

Moving again.

(Boat Flamingo - posted by Alan)

I may write up yesterday at some stage, but we were at moored at the event throughout, and didn't venture anywhere by boat.  Other people are pub lishing pictures far better than any  I managed to take.

Anglesey Basin - "Bream" about to turn
I realised that I had actually been quite envious of those boats that were taken out for a bit of a jaunt, particularly those making the trip up the Anglesey Branch - a place actually quite special to us, because it is where our dog Odin first learned to swim in August 2013, and the reason he now goes quite manic when he senses access to any suitable water for swimming, (or indeed even any unsuitable water for swimming!)

I was surprised how easily we could moor tight to bank
We had the perfect excuse.  Until we can change our heating arrangements, our massive stove that drives radiators can't be run without using a mains central heating pump, which in turn needs the rather massive inverter permanently on, depleting our battery bank faster than is ideal.  As I have just spent a great deal of money replacing the battery bank, I am keen not to kill the new batteries by over discharging them, and they are being monitored closely  Although performing well, I didn't wish to risk a further static day without charging them, so rather than wear the engine out just to charge batteries I persuaded Cath that a trip out would make more sense.  The only potential downside was a weather forecast that looked fairly poor.

In his element, (although I suppose water is made up of two elements)
The Anglesey Arm proved the perfect antidote to the poorer stretches of canal that we travelled up here by, and was really pretty good throughout.  We were surprised that mooring is no longer possible at the rings in the feeder where the water flows in from the reservoir - the place we have always moored in the past.  A steel cable is stretched across it, but we were pleasantly surprised to be able to tie right against the side a bit further up.

Not content with reservoir, back in the canal basin itself.
Needless to say, Odin had enormous fun in water, but was not content to wait until we were by Chasewater reservoir - he was in the actual canal basin long before then.  Normally swimming in the canal is discouraged, but here it was exactly the same clean water the reservoir feeds in.  Max also bounced around, but doesn't do swimming - although he did manage a tentative paddle, whilst trying to figure out what the attraction of water is for Odin.

"Tucana" - recently restored full length version of how "Sickle" once was.
All too soon we had to head back, and went onwards just past the assembled boats at Brownhills to use the service block.  With water tank full, and toilet cassettes and rubbish bin empty we returned briefly to our moorings.  However unlike some of the others we needed to head off tonight.  We walked up to the community centre where the "tat" auction had just ended, admiring people's purchases on the way. We had not only managed to avoid buying anything, we could laugh at  those who had!  We said final farewells to friends and the organisers, then returned to the boat, setting off in the opposite direction to which we had arrived, hoping to make the top of Rushall locks tonight.

Last look at many of thed boats from the bridge.
Again the condition and depth of the canal was very variable, but I am still trying to work out why I can consistently get round most of the worse left hand bends, but struggle with the right handers, even those that on the map don't look the most severe.  At least I'm not now hitting the bank, but a couple of times had to go heavily in to reverse when it looked fairly obvious I would not be able to power round.

I really liked this - magnificent!

Ready to leave
We have been luck that the promise rain largely held off for much of the day, but as I steered towards our target in failing light, it rained progressively harder.  However it saved really chucking it down until we were trying to tie up - I got wetter in about  minutes than I had done all day.  Fortunately Cath had the stove p and running, and an excellent meal almost ready.

Today has been a good day - I'm tired, but happy none the less.  It is almost impossible to wake Odin up, however - I can't imagine why!

Brownhills to Anglesey Basin and Return then Brownhills to Rushall Top Lock
Miles: 11.7, Locks: 0
Total Trip Miles: 91.5, Locks: 95

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  1. Sounds like you had a good run down to Longwood, hope it continues! Been a great few days, thanks for the company and catch you at Braunston. Cath, look after that back!


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