Saturday, 8 April 2017

Longer Day Than Planned

(Boat Flamingo - posted by Alan)

There's not a lot to be said about today, that can't be said by putting up a series of pictures.

Let's just say.....

1) It was a gorgeous day, but family Fincher got caught out ending up somewhat sun burnt.
2) Flamingo is performing well.
3) Its crew is performing generally well but having the occasional less good moment as we continue to learn what the much modified boat is, (and is not!), capable of.  For example, I thought my turn on to the GU Birmingham main line at Napton Junction was going fine - until I discovered it was not(!)
4) We had decided not to have a long day, and to stop early at somewhere like Bascote.  However in practice when we git there nobody fancied actually stopping yet, and we actually carried on several more hours, and quite a few more hours.

Waiting to descend Calcutt locks

Setting off down Stockton locks
Three Willow Wren boats

Very badly leaking gates at Bascote Staircase
In the lower chamber of the Bascote staircase

Cath takes over the steering, whilst I go ahead on the bike.

A near perfect day for boating.

Well beyond or initial plan for stopping.

No longer sharing the locks.

Looking for somewhere deep enough to moor, having failed at first attempts.
An unusual view of Flamingo at our overnight mooring

Braunston Junction to Radford Bottom Lock
Miles: 13.6, Locks: 22
Total Trip Miles: 24.5, Locks: 35

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  1. Hi Alan, hope you're all having fun and enjoying a decent bit of boating. Been a fab weekend weather wise, just rather regretting our decision to head up the N Stratford as the level is well off and it's a bit of a ditch at the best of times. See you at Brownhills!


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