Thursday, 3 September 2015

Returning Flamingo from Alvecote - Day 3

Very retrospective post for Thursday 3rd September

(Boat Flamingo - posted  by Alan)

 Even though the name Willow Wren ceased to relate to a carrying company, when Willow Wren Canal Transport Services was wound up in 1970, the name, and a variant of the livery remains in use on a still active hire fleet based at Rugby.

The boat waiting for the locks to the left of Flamingo is one such hire boat.

I hope it is turned out with its roof in better condition than "Flamingo's" currently is.  cath made a start on it some months back, but "rain stopped play".

Ascending Hillmorton Locks
All Oaks Corner to Braunston

Miles: 14.5, Locks: 3
Total Miles: 93.4, Locks: 42

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