Thursday, 17 September 2015

Sickle Takes Up a New Mooring

(Boat Sickle - posted  by Alan)

As explained in the last posting, only a few days ago our assumption would have been that after the Stoke Bruerne Village at War that "Flamingo" would return to it's mooring near Weedon to the North, (already done on the Monday), but that "Sickle" would return later in the week to its then base at Fenny Stratford.

However, despite us literally having just paid for a year's moorings at Fenny, we unexpectedly learned that a mooring at High House Wharf, where we moor "Flamingo" was a possibility for "Sickle".

It would cost a little more, but unlike at "Fenny" which BW have let fall apart, and which CRT have consistently failed to repair, it is a proper mooring with a proper edge - there is even 230 volt power!.The advantages of having "Sickle" based within maybe 100 yards of "Flamingo" are enormous, even though it then means both boats are approaching 50 miles away from our home.

After a bit of heart searching we have decided to go for it, including taking the hit of continue to pay for an empty mooring at Fenny until our notice period is up.  I will not miss having to attempt to self dredge every time we returned there, and having to move the neighbouring boat, which always seens to have been moved about 5 feet into our space, leaving insufficient room, though I shall miss the company of Alan, who was the mooring warden in that area until BW decided to scrap them.  Alan has been a top bloke, always willing to give us a call if he thinks the boat needed some attention.

So today we delived "Sickle" to her new home.

No pictures but I'll post some soon, I hope.

Stoke Bruerne to High House Wharf Weedon

Miles: 10.0, Locks: 0

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