Sunday, 6 September 2015

Sickle finally on the move again.

Very retrospective post for Sunday 6th September

(Boat Sickle - posted  by Alan)

Passing the fuel boat "Ascot" - Cath on the melodeon at this point.
We had only yesterday finally got "Flamingo" back to her home mooring after her last event at Alvecote, but as we wanted to have both boats at Stoke Bruerne Village at War the next weekend, one of them would need moving there today.  This is because such moves usually involve two cars, but our son uses one of our cars during the week, so despite us both being retired, such moves generally have to be made at weekends.

Cosgrove and the long staight south towards Wolverton aqueduct.
In practice we could hardly have picked a more gorgeous autumn day, and we had a very relaxed boating day, with the only slightly serious effort required being to ascend the 7 lock flight up to Stoke Bruerne.

For a while such trips have regularly featured me largely at the tiller whilst Cath sits and practices melodeon on the front deck.  However as I have recently been persuaded to take it up, (sorry people!), now we alternate who is stering and who is practicing!

If the former teacher is steering there is often a lesson in progress!
We had no dog with us today, as our younger son Michael has complained he never gets to see Odin, so we left him with the sons and he had the benefit of a good walk.

Fenny Stratford to Stoke Bruerne

Miles: 17.6, Locks:8

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