Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Returning Flamingo from Alvecote - Day 2

Very retrospective post for Wednesday 2nd September

(Boat Flamingo - posted  by Alan)

Well on the return trip I had my second ever attempt at trying to get a full length boat around the 180 degree turn under the bridge at Hawkesbury Junction, (and consequently my first when travelling South).  Somewhat to my surprise I made it around in one, other than having to stop the turn short because a boat in front had yet to move forward into the lock, so were occupying water I needed to go into.  I suppose it was inevitable that whilst people had taken photos to record my failure on the way up, that nobody got a camera out for my more successful attempt on the return journey.

We did however take the chance to photograph "Flamingo" outside the Greyhound pub - one of the best well known on the canal system, I would say.  Even after taking "Flamingo" around the turm, and knowing she is a nominal 71 feet 6 inches in length, I'm still amazed sometimes just how long she looks!

In fact Hawkesbury Juncion (or Sutton Stop) is somewhere she would regularly have tied up, either awaiting orders to load, or simply as an overnight stop, and several pictures exist of her here in Willow Wren days - one by Dusty Miller even formed the basis of one of his paintings - a print of which now hangs inside "Flamingo's" cabin.  Modern day photos of "Flamingo" taken at Hawkesbury seem particularly appropriate!

Springwood Haven to All Oaks Corner

Miles: 15.5, Locks: 1
Total Miles: 78.9, Locks:39

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  1. I was at Whilton last Friday and turned to look canalwards just as F's bow hoved into view following S into the bottom lock. About five minutes later, you appeared too! Long she is


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