Sunday, 13 September 2015

Stoke Bruerne Village At War

Very retrospective post for Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September

(Boats Sickle & Flamingo - posted  by Alan)

This is always a favourite event for us, and the first Village at War where both "Sickle" and "Flamingo" would attend.  We have done other events this year with both boats, including the Family Festival also at Stoke Bruerne, but this time harbourmaster Kathryn had done us proud by putting both boats together.

The level of interest both boths generated surprised us greatly, and we spent inordinate amounts of time talking to people about them.  For once we did not have to leave one boat abandoned whilst we were spending time with the other.

As a result of how busy it got we took few photos of our own, but did get to take each boat for a trip down some of the lock flight to help add to the spectacle for the public.

The cans add a touch of extra colour to "Flamingo's" currently tired paintwork.

One of the rare moments Odin was not having attention lavished on him.

There was not a jot of spare space where we were moored.

Photo included only to give an idea how busy the tow path can get.

"Flamingo" waits to use the lock just vacated by "Perch"

"Flamingo" working its way back up the lock flight.

I am supplementing our few pictures with photos taken by two locals involved in the running of this excellent event.  Our thanks to them for publishing them on Flickr.

(Photo: Kathryn Dodington)

(Photo: Kathryn Dodington)
(Photo: Kathryn Dodington)


(Photo: Kathryn Dodington)

(Photo: Lynda Payton)

(Photo: Lynda Payton)

(Photo: Lynda Payton)

(Photo: Lynda Payton)

Miles: 2.9, Locks: 12
(over 2 days)

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